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Eddy School Dismissal

Info about Brewster Rec signing out your child at school dismissal (grades 3-5 at the Eddy School)
  • If this service is offered for the program you are interested in, it will mention it in the program description.
  • Pack a snack for your child to have before their program
  • Send a note to the Eddy school stating your child is a part of the program. One note for the program will cover the sign out process for the duration of the program. Further notes are only necessary if your child will not be attending the program that day. (Brewster Rec will also bring a list of participating kids to the Eddy office to confirm)
  • Help kids remember that they are going to a program after school—Sometimes kids forget and get on the bus! We will be calling you if they don’t show up to be signed out from school!
  • This is not "homework club". Depending on the time, kids will have an opportunity to get ready for the program, relax and have a snack, and have quiet time for homework, but it is not specifically time designated for homework.
  • You are not required to participate in this. Please contact us or list on your child’s registration form to inform us that you are "opting out".
  • Weather cancellations: If a program is cancelled we will still sign out the kids after school that day and supervise them until you are able to pick them up. They will not be sent on the bus. If school is cancelled with early dismissal, i.e., snow day!, Brewster Rec will not be signing kids out and you will need to make arrangements with the Eddy office.
  • When in doubt—call us!