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News: Brewster C.A.I.R.S.

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11/21/2012 12:00:00 AM   

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Helping all kids have access to leisure and recreational opportunities!

Brewster CAIRS (Children's Adaptive Integrated Recreational Services) is a division of the Brewster Recreation Department that is dedicated to giving children with varying abilities the opportunity to access recreation activities regardless of skill level. Our staff works closely with the class instructors to develop and adapt activities to meet the social and physical needs of all our children involved. What is the problem? Children with physical and developmental disabilities frequently do not have the option of enrolling in the typical town recreational programs. This isolates such children and their families, limiting opportunities for social interaction and the development of extracurricular interests. Our Vision Our vision is to develop and run accessible recreation programs throughout the outer Cape Cod area in order to foster social interaction amoung children of varying abilities. My child doesn’t need an adaptive program – Why should I join? By participating in these programs, kids of all abilities will have fun learning learning and gaining new skills. They will learn valuable lessons about acceptance, celebrating our differences and about treating others respectfully! How to Enroll To register please print and fill out a Brewster CAIRS registration form and return it to the Recreation Office with payment. Please return registration forms at least one week prior to the start of the program so our staff has time to review the needs of your child. How to Support Support for these programs comes in forms of volunteering, teaching a class, donations, sponsorships and many others. Please contact the Brewster Recreation Department to find out how you can get involved. Brewster CAIRS Programs Please see the main page for full program details. Not all programs participate in CAIRS.