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News: New pickleball lines at Tennis courts

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On Wednesday, November 3rd 2021 there were two additional pickleball courts lined on court 4 of the tennis courts.  We are hoping that this helps with some of the folks that have to wait when the youth courts are full.  Please be sure to abide by the posted rules, which are below:

Rules for tennis court 4

  1. Tennis court 4 is only to be used by pickleball players if all pickleball courts are full & it is not being currently being used for tennis.
  2. During Senior Tennis hours in the summer (July through September) tennis court 4 is reserved for specifically for that group from the hours of 8am-10am on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays.
  3. If tennis court 1,2, and 3 are occupied, and tennis court 4 is needed for tennis, the tennis players get priority. Please be courteous in allowing the group to vacate the court.
  4. If you are playing pickleball on tennis court 4 you are responsible for setting up the net(s) and putting them away.